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About Rolfing

Bryan Carsen Hargins doing Rolfing

Rolfing consists of a unique combination of hands on manual therapy, along with movement education. Based on the work of Dr. Ida Rolf, this specialized approach can have profound effects on posture, freedom of movement, as well as pain and overall comfort. This is achieved through working with connective tissue, or fascia, but ultimately all change occurs through a down-regulation of the nervous system.

Our nervous system has two modes of function: sympathetic (fight or flight) or parasympathetic (rest and digest). As we face days filled with random stressors, it’s easy for people to continually function in a sympathetic mode. Along with repetitive movement, this creates rigidity, and that’s no fun for anyone to continually carry.

We have superficial nerve endings right under the skin, and they respond to a slow, lateral stretching touch. When stretched effectively, these nerve endings communicate with the Central Nervous System and brain, allowing a softening within the tissue to occur. RSI acts as a software update, bringing a person back into parasympathetic mode, where they can relax with less pain, and enjoy more freedom of movement.

Rolfing is designed to take place in a series, as each session builds upon the results of a previous session. This individualized approach gives a client the tools to inspire long lasting change and freedom, so that they may reach higher potential, in daily life. The idea is that gravity can become the healer once we align a clientʼs structure, and develop better function.

About Carsen

My name is Bryan Carsen Hargis. I gained an interest for Rolfing Structural Integration, in 2014, through years of repetitive injuries from athletics. I have always been an athlete, as I played many sports growing up. These included gymnastics, soccer, golf, football, basketball, tennis, and water sports, but mostly focused on baseball, as I played into the collegiate level. Upon graduating college, I had developed my own imbalances, accompanied by chronic neck and back pain. All of my years of athletics had caused physical trauma, but finally I found RSI which showed immediate results, and inspired me to help others. This experience can be described as a vocational feeling. I love my work, and have a strong passion for helping others find ease and comfort in their body. Pain can become very uncomfortable, and we all deserve to feel great within our own personal embodiment. Call today, and discuss how I can be a great fit, for your Rolfing Structural Integration experience!