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Youth Athlete Rolfing

Youth Athlete Rolfing Sessions

Carsen Hargis Rolfing Structural Integration is proud to be able to offer rolfing for young athletes. This is integral for a number of reasons but it can be very beneficial for the young athletes in your household.

For over five decades now, people have been relying on rolfing to help with relief from physical strain, all as a result of properly realigning the structure of the body. This process can be very beneficial for correcting postural habits with our in-office rolfing sessions.

Reduce Injury & Enhance Performance

What any concerned parent wants to know first and foremost is what the benefits are for the young athlete rolfing program. Here are some points to ponder:

  • All athletes and fitness enthusiasts may find improved performance, from release of stored tension created through repetitive motion.
  • Structural strain often leads to acute and chronic pain such as neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, headaches, and generally poor posture. Rolfing can help resource pain, through realignment and education.
  • Through rolfing, pain relief and comfort is achieved through working with connective tissue, or fascia, but ultimately all change occurs through a down-regulation of the nervous system.
  • This procedure can help reduce the likelihood of injury and speed up the recovery time should an injury occur.
  • The main benefits of rolfing for young athletes is pain relief, improved endurance, and enhanced performance.

Being a young athlete is great but not at the cost of being in great pain or sustaining great injury. The work we do is intended to help prevent that.

The body wants proper alignment but this isn’t always possible without corrective procedures. Avoid the need for something more severe such as surgery with a less invasive alternative.

When it comes to looking into Plano rolfing sessions for your young athlete, we’re the place to come to. We offer in-depth counseling sessions so that you and your aspiring young athlete can determine if we’re a good fit for a long-term solution to performance enhancement and pain management.

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