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How Rolfing Differs From Other Forms Of Body Manipulation Like Massage Or Chiropractic Work

Rolfing Sessions

Before even delving into the differences between rolfing when compared to massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic work, let’s briefly define what rolfing is. Although it’s classified as alternative medicine like chiropractic practice, rolfing is a form of structural integration.

Typically, clients go through a series of ten sessions for the most effective results. The hands-on method combines both superficial and deep manual therapy with movement prompts and focuses on the energy fields of the body to achieve the desired outcome. That outcome may be pain relief, better alignment, enhanced sports performance, or something else entirely.

Finding Out How Rolfing Compares To Methods That Haven’t Worked For You

In all fairness, you may be fortunate enough to have a successful alternative treatment routine that has brought you some or significant relief. Each body is different, and each situation is unique.

Your body may respond well to physical therapy immediately following an injury and then seem to lose its effectiveness. Massage can do wonders for temporary relief until you return to the activity that caused tension in the first place. And chiropractic work tends to target the back and neck without long-term results for other areas or muscles or joints.

One difference between rolfing and other forms of alternative, integrative medicine is that it incorporates the whole body. Other options primarily hone in on one trouble area and work on that. This may help in some ways but can also result in weakness, soreness, stiffness, or strain in the parts of the anatomy that have been neglected.

The ultimate goal with rolfing is to correct your body's posture, alignment, and structure. This is more in-depth because it may fix lingering imbalances that cause issues like chronic pain. It isn't easy to compare rolfing with massage because there are various types of massage. Some are more intensive, like deep tissue work used for athlete conditioning and recovery. However, this type is often confused with the gentle, relaxing massage session you may receive from a spa that is more of instant gratification.

Want To Learn More?

The best way to find out more about rolfing is to go directly to a reliable source. At Carsen Hargis Rolfing Structural Integration, you can freely ask questions and receive a session to gain better insight into the art of rolfing.

Although referred to as alternative medicine, it’s important to remember what this is often an alternative to - invasive treatments like surgery. Finding one or more methods to use to improve your body’s condition and health could offer a light at the end of a dark tunnel for anyone who’s dealt with pain and thought traditional approaches were the only possibility.

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