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Testimonials and Reviews on Rolfing Done by Carsen

Move through the pain

Here you will be able to read the testimonials and see the reviews my clients have left. They have given me their trust which has allowed me to assist them and make their daily lives that much better.

I have received 5+ sessions from Carsen, and after each one my body and movement feels remarkably better. Carsen is very smooth in his work, and makes it his priority to get a feel with where you are needing work done to make the most out of each session. I was unfamiliar to Rolfing and what it was, but Carsen did a great job of explaining the techniques and foundations of it in a way I could easily understand.

Travis W.

Rolfing helped me move through some chronic shoulder pain that caused me to struggle to find relief for over 2 years. Carsen has a gentle approach and is very skillful in his touch. His treatments are very insightful, addressing the patterns contributing to pain. 5 stars!

Joel C.

I first saw Carsen for chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. The work that he did helped me move and function better. Most recently, Carsen has been helping me recover from surgery. He has been very sensitive to my personal needs, and each week, I am able to see the results and feel the results of his work. I highly recommend Carsen for rolfing.

P. White

I came in for increased mobility/less pain, and that’s exactly what I left with. Fantastic first time results.

Allison G.

I went and saw Carsen about 3 weeks ago and the Rolfing experience was amazing. He worked on me for 70 mins and released a lot of pain and tension I had in my lower back. Since my visit with him, my body (lower back) has felt so much better and I’ve been able to move around and workout without the constant back pain. Thanks again!!

Travis G.

I saw Carsen a few months back, my only complaint is I had to drive all the way to Dallas from Athens to see him! Did a fantastic job reengaging muscles I had no clue were even there, and helped relieve hip pain I’ve had for years. Thanks my friend, you do a great job.

Forrest E.

Move through the pain