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Out-Call Rolfing Session

Out Call Rolfing Sessions

Carsen Hargis Rolfing Structural Integration is the company to contact when you need rolfing work done; we'll even come to you. We offer premier out-call sessions because there are a number of reasons this may be the preferred or the only option.

This hands-on process is aimed at vertical realignment of the body which means the work has to be deep enough to release muscular tension at a skeletal level. Results are achieved by working with connective tissue but ultimately all change occurs through a down-regulation of the nervous system.

It can be integral in correcting postural habits which relieves pain and reduces the likelihood of future injury. Recover better as an athlete, experience less pain during performance, and even enhance the quality of your overall athletic performance with ongoing rolfing treatments.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Some people prefer in-office rolfing sessions while others prefer house calls. For optimal results with your meetings, it is best that the work takes place in an environment that suits you best.

We find that attempting to conduct these sessions in anything other than what best meets the comfort needs of the client ends up being counter-intuitive.

Some reasons the work may be more beneficial in your own setting:

  • You may be at a pain or mobility level that requires us to come to you.
  • It could be that your schedule is so hectic this method just makes more sense.
  • You may find it difficult to relax in a setting other than your own familiar surroundings.
  • Some household dynamics require someone there for the care of a child, pet, or senior.

The bottom line is that the reason doesn't matter; the results are what matter. If it means we need to travel to you in order to get you on a regular rolfing schedule. When it comes to an expert in Plano for rolfing work, all you have to do is give us a call.

If you're ready to schedule an out-call Rolfing Session with us, call us at 903-517-2231, or fill out our online contact form.